Start Your Smoke-Free Future With The Vapemate Air Quit Smoking Kit

Increased Energy Levels

No more stale smoke

Increased Sense of Smell

positive Health Benefits

Kick The Habit This October

Get the edge in the quest for a smoke-free future with the revolutionary Vapemate Air Quit Smoking kit. Make this October one to remember by turning your back on cigarettes once and for all.

Quitting smoking is never easy, and that is exactly why we have put together the easy to use, environmentally friendly Vapemate Air Quit Smoking kit. Created by mother nature, this kit is as simple as it gets, there’s nothing to it. No really, there is nothing to it!

Kit Contents

  • 1 x infinite use, 100% natural Vapemate Air Device (Composed of 78% Nitrogen, 20.9% Oxygen, 0.90% Argon Gases, 0.17% Other Gases, 0.03% Carbon Dioxide)
  • 1 x Stress ball for when tension builds
  • 1 x 28day quit smoking calendar
  • 28 x stickers to track your progress
  • Benefits of quitting guide
  • 1 x Swaptober scratchcard
  • A couple of goodies, just for you.

Vapemate Air Kit Features

  • Odorless
  • Discreet
  • Zero leakage
  • Unlimited puffs
  • Extremely portable

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