It’s not easy to quit smoking, especially when you’re going cold turkey, and this is why more and more smokers across the country are choosing electronic cigarettes to help them kick the habit.

Though e-cigs are not completely safe themselves, the NHS has stated that they are around 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes due to the fact that they do not contain any of the 1000’s of poisonous chemicals that are added to tobacco.

With that said, by making the switch your body will start to reap the benefits of going smoke-free almost immediately.

So, what exactly does happen to your body when you make the change? Continue reading for a full explanation.


You’ll start to see the benefits of switching to vaping after only a few hours. Throughout this time period, your body has begun the process of detoxifying the carbon monoxide that is inhaled when you smoke, meaning the oxygen levels in your blood will increase dramatically, leading to a number of other health benefits.

Vaping will not affect this process as eliquids do not contain carbon monoxide.


By the end of your first day of smoke freedom your body will have got rid of all residual carbon monoxide. But the most significant change is happening to your lungs.

By this point your lungs have also started to detoxify as they begin to remove the toxic debris and mucus that has built up while you have been smoking. And because e-cigarette vapour does not contain any of the harmful toxins of tobacco cigarettes, you are no longer adding these poisons to your body, giving it a chance to clean and heal itself.


Starting to notice stronger, more intense smells and tastes? That’s because a t two days smoke-free your your body has started to repair the receptors in your mouth and nose that had been damaged by toxins in cigarettes.


Three days in and you may start to notice that breathing becomes easier and that you have more energy than before.

This comes as a result of no longer being exposed to the tar that has been clogging up and irritating your bronchial tubes.

You will also feel this benefit even if you are vaping as you are still giving your lungs the chance to repair and clean themselves without adding tar and other toxins that you would otherwise inhale from cigarettes.


By this point you should start to notice that coughing and shallow breathing has reduced or gone away all together due to the fact that your lung function has had a chance to significantly improve.


Five years after making the switch from smoking to vaping your risk of a heart attack will have reduced by about 50%. The longer you continue to go without smoking, the more this risk will reduce, even if you continue to vape.


Once you have made it to 10 years without a cigarette your risk of developing lung cancer will now also have reduced by around half of what it was while you were a smoker. Your risk of suffering a heart attack will also have reduced to around about the same as that of someone that has never smoked before.

It is also worth pointing out that vaping nicotine eliquids will have the same effect on your heart as caffeine.


Now that you know just how beneficial quitting smoking can be, why not make the choice today and begin your journey to a smoke-free future. Switching to e cigarettes is not only easy, but will also be significantly cheaper than smoking, with the average UK smoker spending around £4000 per year.

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