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How much could you save by making the switch?

Though cutting out nicotine products all together is advised and will save you even more money, by switching to vaping you could also make significant financial savings.

Use our savings calculator to find out just how much you could save by switching to e-cigarettes.

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Getting started with ecigarettes may seem daunting but is in fact incredibly easy. Watch our short explainer video to get some great tips and to see just how easy it is.

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Vaping Success Stories

Martin from Cumbria

I smoked for over 30 years and tried going cold turkey without success. I started vaping a few months ago and have gone from 20 a day to two. A gradual switch seems to be working. My advice, don’t force it and it will happen.

Ian from Accrington

Smoked 40 a day for many, many years, tried a friends e-cig around eight years ago and haven’t had a cigarette since. from 40 a day to only vaping in 24 hours and feel a lot better for it.

Mike from Northumberland

I quit accidentally.

I was working in a Venue as an Audio Tech and discovered you were allowed to vape inside, so I invested £45 and got an Aspire Nautilus Mini, a CF VV stick and some 24mg liquid. It took me around three months before I consciously realised that I had not bought a pouch of tobacco since I began vaping.

Here I am, around five years later, VO2 back up to the levels of someone who never smoked at all, almost no migraines any more and everything tastes so much more vivid nowadays.

I still vape though, But at least I’m down to 3mg of nicotine now.

Adam from Essex

I was a smoker for around 12 years and tried to give up on a number of occasions, either going cold turkey or by using smoking cessation products such as nicotine gum and patches. I did manage to quit for around 10 months but ultimately got drawn back in. It has only been since turning to vaping that I have really felt like I have turned my back on cigarettes as it is the only method that has given me the same relief.

Since making the switch I have regained my sense of taste and smell and even feel much more energised.

Cal from Oldham

Money was a big part for me and I couldn’t be bothered rolling them anymore. Also, I have asthma and also felt hypocritical teaching my patients about the dangers of smoking when I was a smoker

Sammy from Swindon

Being a new mum, I was desperate to quit smoking. It was making me really self-conscious due to the smell. A friend ran a vape shop and suggested I try a simple pen device. It’s 11 months down the line and I’ve never touched a cigarette since.

Marc from Essex

32 years old Ex smoker “30-40 a day “ for 14 years ! Quit smoking by vaping and will never look back regardless of the false media coverage aboard from non legitimate vape products!

Callum from Croydon

I’m 36 lol switched to vape because combustion smoke make me violently sick (never found out why) someone bought me a vape for Christmas 2 years ago and have never looked back.

Darryl from Chelmsford

I woke up hungover and had smoked about 50 fags the night before, my chest was tight and I thought “I can’t go on like this, I’m getting a vape.” That was almost a year ago. Haven’t smoked since.

Louis from Nottingham

I was spending silly money every week, I hated smelling like an ashtray .! plus when the shisha pens first came out , I thought these were just awesome lol flavoured vape , obviously there shit compared to mods now’a’days but I thought they were the bomb back then

Did you quit smoking by making the switch?

Let us know about your experience of making the switch from smoking to vaping and get featured on our site. By doing so you’ll be helping others to make the life changing decision for themselves.

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